U.S. Muslims Flaunt “Allah” On Plane, Flight Attendant Has Brilliant Response

While a couple was taking their seats on a Delta flight, they thought it would be a good idea to flaunt their religion in the faces of other passengers by repeating one word. However, as soon as a flight attendant noticed what they were doing, he responded in a brilliant way that immediately put their religious supremacy in check.

A Muslim husband and wife are accusing Delta Air Lines of “Islamophobia” and racial profiling, even though Islam is not a race but an ideology of violent and oppressive beliefs. Unfortunately for them, the airline not only allowed their crew to respond in a controversial way but also issued a statement backing up the decision of their quick-thinking flight attendant.

Faisal and Nazia Ali say that they were the victims of either religious or racial discrimination after they were kicked off of their flight for what could be considered suspicious activity, especially on an airplane. The Independent reports that the Alis were waiting for nearly 45 minutes on a flight from Paris back to Cincinnati, Ohio when a steward noticed that they were the only customers “sweating,” hiding their phone when he passed by, and repeating the word “Allah.”

The flight attendant determined that the pair were acting odd and, in an effort to secure the plane and passengers, he risked being called a bigot and told them to collect their belongings and exit the aircraft.

“We asked if we should get our stuff and he said, ‘Yes, take all of your stuff as you won’t be on that flight’,” Ms. Ali told The Independent. “That was really alarming.”

When the Alis exited, a French police officer was waiting for them outside the gate and an airline worker was carefully reviewing their passports.

The couple went through a brief interrogation process and they were okayed for release. It was then that the Delta employee explained that the pilot had made the decision to kick them off the flight because crew members noticed their particularly strange behavior and felt “uncomfortable.”

U.S. Muslims Flaunt "Allah" On Plane, Flight Attendant Has Brilliant Response

U.S. Muslims Flaunt "Allah" On Plane, Flight Attendant Has Brilliant Response
Terror-tied CAIR complained to Delta Air Lines but was disappointed when their spokesperson simply reiterated their policy.

The couple was promptly booked on another flight and sent home and has now offered them a refund as a gesture of good will. Of course, this wasn’t enough to satisfy their entitlement. The inconvenience caused by their unconventional behavior was seen by them as being nothing less than a case of “Islamophobia.” So, the couple immediately called the terror-tied, Saudi-funded Council on American-Islamic Relations to whine about their alleged persecution.

WCPO reports that after CAIR filed a complaint, Delta Air Lines issued a statement that simply reiterated their policy.

“Delta condemns discrimination toward our customers in regards to age, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or gender. As a global airline that brings hundreds of thousands of people together every day, Delta is deeply committed to treating all of our customers with respect. Delta continues its investigation into this matter and will issue a full refund of these customers’ airfare.”

CAIR is accusing the airline of repeated profiling of Muslim passengers, and, if this is true, Delta is probably one of the safest airlines to fly. Because France is suffering from a constant barrage of Islamic terrorist attacks, they are taking measures to prevent Muslims from killing their citizens. Of course, that’s profiling. That’s how you catch criminals. When almost all terrorist attacks are being committed by Muslims in the name of “Allah,” it’s common sense to be wary of any Muslim invoking their false god’s name on an airplane of all places.

This completely legitimate concern isn’t only expressed by Delta, however. Mad World News reported that American Airlines escorted a suspicious Muslim man off their flight after a black flight attendant and her fellow crew members felt uncomfortable about his behavior.

Fortunately, after American Airlines was contacted by CAIR, they issued a statement similar to Delta’s, standing by their crew’s decision after investigating the alleged discrimination.

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