Ban The Burqa: Muslim Uses Veil To Slaughter 33 For Muhammad’s Birthday

As if there weren’t enough reasons to ban the burqa, the concealing piece of traditional Muslim garb has once again proven to be a security risk, resulting in the deaths of 33 people, including women and children.

A security source told AFP that a man wearing a woman’s black abaya and veil effectively snuck in and detonated a bomb at a celebration of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

Ban The Burqa: Muslim Uses Veil To Slaughter 33 For Muhammad's Birthday

According to ABC News:

A suicide bomber dressed as a woman killed 33 people in central Yemen when he blew himself up at a celebration by Shiite militia supporters, medical and security sources say.

Dozens of people were also wounded in the attack in the mainly Sunni city of Ibb, held by the Huthi Shiite militia, the medics said, warning that the death toll was likely to rise.

Among those wounded in Wednesday’s attack was Ibb governor Yahya al-Aryani, who was attending the Huthi commemoration of the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, a medic said.

The Telegraph reports that al-Qaeda Sunnis have promised to retaliate after the Huthi Shiites overran the Yemeni capital Sanaa in September.

Although it’s easily condemnable as a Muslim terrorist attack, the major issue is the risk that such a wardrobe can pose, especially when it’s allowed because of religious privilege.

Ban The Burqa: Muslim Uses Veil To Slaughter 33 For Muhammad's Birthday

Burqas, abayas, veils, and niqabs not only conceal the identity of the wearer, but they completely prevent viewers from knowing the gender of the person. Had this man’s face been uncovered, he probably would not have been allowed to enter the premises, being an uninvited guest.

Suspicious behavior that security agents rely on to prevent these dangers is absolutely obstructed from view with such a perfect disguise.

The U.S., as well as other Western nations, must either recognize that the safety of civilians is above the religious rights of a minority or agree that all religious practices are protected even when individuals are not. Either way, the burqa will continue to be used as a way to deliver terror in both Muslim and non-Muslim countries.

Because of many countries’ political correctness on catering to Islamists, they have no ability to foresee the potential terror attacks that are so innately engrained in the Muslim culture. Although religious freedom is essential to democracy, many aspects of the Muslim culture and religion are being used as a screen for sinister tactics.

With restrictions of religious freedom come great consequences, but in light of recent happenings, would you support a burqa ban? Let us know in the comments.



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